Why are virgo men distant?

topic posted Wed, January 20, 2010 - 5:02 PM by  ALICIA
Ive been seeing a virgo for 5 months and its been a different relationship with him as others of course. Hes been hot and cold with me, he lets me in his world and then he pulls away. It truly confuses me because I have feelings for him and im afraid to ask him anything about "us". I get confused if he still wants me...when hes open to me hes very close, he spends time with me, he is very sincere....and then it STOPS, and here i am again with his distance. Ive never had so much patience for one man.....Ive given this man so much space and I never hound him or pressure him, and when he returns to me I always welcome him with positiveness.....but will this always be this way....does it mean he doesnt want a relationship with me? Why do virgo men distant themselves?
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