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topic posted Mon, December 27, 2004 - 6:46 AM by  Raven Artisan
As children, Virgos are shy and diffident, and easily hurt. They are easily shamed, and seem to carry the burden of the guilt of the whole world on their shoulders. They may suffer quite a bit at school, and can be bullied by other pupils or teachers, or both. They seem to make a very bad karmic choice of parents, having fathers whom they love but who are distant and rather demanding. Their mothers may be far more interested in keeping up appearances and fussing about silly things than loving and caring for the Virgo child. Some Virgoans have mothers who are so incapable of looking after their children that they find ways of opting out of motherhood altogether. These children are expected to excel, but their fears, phobias and lack of self-esteem makes it hard for them to do so, while other children and even the parents of other children may be jealous of their obvious intelligence. Many Virgoan children grow up with a sense of abandonment.

As parents, Virgoans try not to recreate the mistakes of their own childhood. however, because they were not shown much real affection themselves, they find it hard to relate properly to their own children, and may, therefore, pass on the silly demands for scholastic performance and perfect behaviour which made their own childhood so intolerable. If the Virgoan finds his children difficult to understand or to deal with, or if his marriage breaks up, he may physically distance himself from them.

There is a fairly large segment of the Virgo community who seem to defy the usual interpretations of this sign's nature. For one thing, these people can be extremely untidy in some or all areas of their lives. Some are tidy at home but keep their papers in a muddle, while others do the reverse. Some appear to live in apple-pie order but shove all the mess into cupboards where it cannot be seen. Others are simply completely disorganised. The reason for this phenomenon is the theory of 'polarity' in which the very characteristic for which a sign is known is polarised so that the person displays completely opposite traits and habits.

Another Virgoan polarisation is laziness. There are many Virgos who, while having very active minds, don't actually get down to doing much of anything. Yet another anomaly is the type of Virgo who is attracted to big business and who may be a tough, heartless go-getter who neglects his family and makes everyone else's life a misery. In fact, this last one is not such an anomaly because obsessional workaholism is a very Virgo trait, although it is unusual ofr a Virgoan to have the confidence or the strength of character to become a mogul or a tycoon. The motivation behind the go-getter Virgo is a sneaking feeling of worthlessness or a fear of losing what they have gained.

Virgo is born into a family where Mom is quite put out with Dad. In many instances, Virgo is born when the mother decides to have a much-wanted child. She then goes through the crisis of having to stay at home from work to take care of the kid. The work environment offered office relationships that were enjoyable; the office offered a chance to exchange information with others that is usually lost when a woman stays at home to take care of a child's needs. This mother begins to resent her husband, for after the child is born she can't afford baby sitters since the family has just lost her income.

The mother may instill in her child values that will also discourage Virgo from feeling comfortable in certain adult aspects of relationships. Often, the mother of a Virgo goes through an antisexual period during the kid's infancy. She worries a lot about hygiene, and the normal functions of the body are often regarded with distaste. Mothers of Virgo infants have been observed to have extremely negative reactions to the job of changing dirty diapers. All children wear diapers, and all humans eliminate body waste. However, when a child's diaper is changed with disgust, and the child is only two or three months old, he begins to feel that the disgust relates to some unsatisfactory behavior on his part. If one shows disgust or disdain to a dog while it's in the training process, it can be trained not to eat! A child exposed to this response will develop guilts about natural functions, including sexuality. Most Virgos feel guilty about their sex life, and handle sex with embarrassment, or not at all. However, Virgo is an earth sign. We often use the word 'earthy' to indicate someone who is practical and sensual and a part of the earth. Virgo children have trouble compromising between their sexual desires and their sexual attitudes.

The Virgo female grows up in an environment in which she is close to her mother, but this closeness may be of either the love or the hate polarity. She feels criticized and unsure of herself. She doesn't have a lot of confidence in her ability to handle life experience, since her childhood was full of admonitions and criticisms. As she progresses into her teens, her body starts making demands and inquiries into her sexuality. Many young Virgo girls have early sexual experiences because they are looking for 'a port in the storm'. They also want to understand how it feels to be a woman. Some Virgos marry for the first time in order to get away from home and mother. But as time goes by, the Virgo begins to feel guilty because the power of the subconscious pulls on her rational mind. She may even grow to resent her sexual needs.

She often goes back to college after marriage to get her degree so that she can go back to work in a professional capacity. At that time, she begins to treat her husband much as her mother treated her father, and disappointments begin to happen in the relationship - they begin to grow apart.

The Virgo male has a more difficult time of it. He is a mother-dominated child in an atmosphere where his father is criticized and rejected. As he grows up, he's quite angry that his father is so incompetent. He feels that if his father were a better provider, his mother (the centre of his universe) wouldn't be so unhappy. Consequently, the Virgo often works too hard on a job in order to prove he isn't the 'no-good' that Daddy was, and he gets very angry when his work is not appreciated.

He gets the same dose of bacteria phobia and disgust that his sister did from his mother, and he enters adulthood with a bit of a sexual double standard. He wants to be sexually involved, yet he thinks sex is a little vulgar. The Virgo male can carry a great deal of resentment towards his mother. If she is really overpowering, and if she is intensely critical of him and his dad, the boy may not want to have any involvement with women at all; for every time he sees a woman he sees the characteristics of his mother.

Men born into feminine signs have more trouble dealing with women than do their masculine sign counterparts. Because Mother ran the household, and seemed to be the ruler of the universe, it is more difficult for these men to converse freely with women; subconsciously, they think that women have 'therpower'. When they learn that 'the power' is really related to the concept of the feminine principle, and that this power is in them and can be used in a material sense for building something in the material universe - whether the building is intellectual or physical - then they are free to see men and women as human beings. Until they reach an understanding of the masculine and feminine principles operating in the universe, they will over-listen to women. It's difficult for them to have a disagreement with a woman; they can't easily handle opinions from a woman, and they overreact to what she says. A woman may have no idea that the Virgo male is reacting to her in this way. She just notices that he's too detailed, too involved in statistics, too involved in proving his points by quoting passages from all the books he's read; and she can't get a straightforward conversation out of him. If it happens to be a positive-sign woman (who wasnt to be respected in her own right by men in general) encountering a Virgo male, these two can engage in a most interesting argument, all based on the subconscious drives within them!
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    Re: Virgo truth

    Mon, August 1, 2005 - 12:31 PM

    Nothing on this Tribe and now this...

    Goddess Raven....
    It would have taken me a month to type ALL that...

    Being a typical Virgo ...Usually...
    I find many truths in your Post...
    But find it hard to agree with it ALL...

    I can hear in your words that you have alot of Passion in you...
    But having read your profile of wanting to be left alone I will respect your wishes..

    Your Virgonian Fireman
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    Thu, March 16, 2006 - 6:33 PM
    This is pretty eerie. It describes my early childhood perfectly and my later overcompensation. In fact, I mostly raised my brother and sister because my Mom was just not there emotionally -- a very intelligent lady, but only into kids for the show of it, definately not for the parenting part.

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    Tue, October 24, 2006 - 4:37 PM
    ridiculously amazing description.
    I'll just print this out and staple it to my forehead now.. ;-)
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      Re: Virgo truth

      Sun, February 11, 2007 - 9:59 AM
      I just read the orignial post to this thread and am surprized by how dead on most of the descriptions were.Normally I read descriptions of virgo and half the time laugh myself sick as I don't totally fit that profile and I hate generalizations about the sign virgo(or any other sign).This time however it was strikingly correct.
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        Wed, April 9, 2008 - 10:20 PM
        I'm on the untidy end of the polarized spectrum... and I kind of fit the description of keeping my space at work neat, but my home sloppy.

        I picked terrible parents, but not like this description. My father is/was militant, authoritarian, and domineering. Instead of being distant, he was always spying on me, and for all I know could have government-grade bugs installed in my house this very day, because he is that obsessed with spying and then trying to make you paranoid. He used to like to spy on me, then ask me questions, then tell me he knew the answers when I lied, and tell me he knew because he had microphones and cameras hiding all over the house and there was no escape. When I was 4 or 5 he started telling me he knew my thoughts. He is just downright cruel and creepy.

        My mother has no self-esteem and is clingy and insecure. When my father refused to give her the emotional nurturance she wanted, she demanded it from me. I can remember as early as 6 years old. She forced me to pity her and be her counselor. When I was 8 years old she told me about how she had contemplated committing suicide - when I was so young I didn't understand it - and sobbed and made me worry about her. As I got older she would cry and say she was fat and ugly. Whenever I got tired of saying "No you're not mom" she would punish me for not pitying her.

        This is all very different from the description of the parents of Virgo. Yet I feel there must be commonalities because the way I was raised inhibited my ability to develop self-esteem too.
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    Sun, July 31, 2011 - 8:54 PM
    Wow...that was a little too spot on. The father issue is right on, especially since my dad is a virgo as well. He's very distant, I only see him once or a few times a month. As for my mom, she's sacrificed everything while I was growing up to make sure I was taken care of. Full time worker and single mom, she had no time for herself, all spent on me. The downside is she's overly controlling, critical, and our relationship is very unemotional. We show love through action, not through physical affection or words.
    Now that I'm getting older and thinking about the future possibilities of my adult life, I get anxious at the idea of children. I'm worried I won't be able to show affection naturally.
    I also identify with the Virgo polarities. Throwing things in drawers...laziness...etc.
    Awesome Virgo description. The title, 'virgo truth' is fitting.

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